Mel Broughton gets 10 years for animal rights attacks

Animal rights campaigner Mel Broughton has today been sentenced to 10 years. The jury at Oxford Crown Court convicted the 48-year-old of conspiracy to commit arson. Mel has been the public face of the anti-vivisectionists’ campaign against the construction of an animal experiments laboratory in South Parks Road, Oxford. He is a member of the campaign group ‘Speak’.

Judge Patrick Eccles said: “The firebombs that you planted at these two buildings were out there as part of a ruthless campaign to instill fear to all those connected to the laboratory, whether they were workers, managers, academics or tradesmen. “.

Mel has been told he must serve atleast five years before being eligible for release. This was the second trial Mel had faced over the allegations. A jury was discharged in November 2008 after failing to reach a verdict.

A spokesperson for ‘Speak vowed to continue the fight; “We are more determined than ever to continue the campaign against Oxford University’s abuse of animals,”

But despite the protests, the £20m Biomedical Sciences Building took its first delivery of mice in November last year.

You can write to Mel at:

HMP Woodhill, Tattenhoe Street, Milton Keynes, Bucks MK4 4DA.

What you can send: SAEs; a small, non ring-binded calendar; Postal Orders made out on front to “HMPS”, with the inmate’s name and number on back, and also the sender’s name and address if there is room.

~ by cardiffabc on February 14, 2009.

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