Writing to Prisoners

So your thinking about writing to prisoners are you? A really handy leaflet about writing to prisoners here.

We think its really important to write to prisoners! Heres what a long term Prisoner Jon Ablewhite has to say about receiving letters:

“I won’t lie; there are times when I want to crumble because I can’t sit on the grass with my family or laugh in a bar with my friends – but then I see the pile of letters you send and it genuinely, poignantly reminds me that hope is an exquisite and eternal thing. Thank you for them and your incredible generosity.”

The level of comfort and feeling of solidarity a simple letter can give someone is priceless, remember one day it could be you in there.

Prisoner lists can be found in the following places:

Brighton ABC prisoner lists

Spirit of Freedom

Vegan Prisoner Support Group

Want to write to prisoners but cant afford stamps, paper and pens? Or just under 20 and prefer to use computers and email for that sort of thing? Then why not type your letter up and email it to us at mail@cardiffprisonersupport.tk and well print it out n pop it in the post for you. Leave a return address and well even put a SAE in so you can get a reply.

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