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The Prison Within The Prison

The Spanish State’s prison system condemns political and rebellious prisoners to the FIES isolation units, brutal and dehumanising “prisons within the prisons” which have been the focus of widespread resistance, on both sides of the walls. In this booklet, some of the participants in this revolt against prisons and the state share their thoughts and experiences- 38 pages. Also available as a paper copy for £1 including postage.

In PDF format—–Main Text—-Front Cover—–Back Cover

In Microsoft Publisher format—–Main Text—–Front Cover—–Back Cover

Active Solidarity

Brighton ABC’s occasional newsletter, October 2006 edition…

In PDF format—–Click here

Exhibit A

A zine covering experiences of prison, G8 prisoners, and more, with a list of useful contacts.

In PDF format—–Click here


These are links to other parts of this web site

Interview with Xose Tarrio-a former prisoner in the Spanish FIES isolation units

Some articles by John Bowdena long time prison resister in UK prisons

Comments by Thomas Meyer-Falk-an anarchist in prison in Germany for bank robbery


In PDF format-

Free Jeff “Free” Luers!

Support Class Struggle Prisoners+
Writing to Prisoners

In Microsoft Word format-

Campaign Against Prison Slavery, Wilkinsons leaflet

In Adobe Pagemaker format-

Introduction to ABC leaflet

Practical Support for Prisoners leaflet

Thomas Meyer Falk leaflet

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