Support Thomas Meyer Falk

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Parole for Thomas Meyer-Falk

Thomas has been imprisoned since 1996 on a sentence of 15 years 9 months for trying to raise money for both legal and illegal left wing projects by robbing a bank. Because of his strong beliefs, he’s been subject to very harsh repression. In May 2007 his solitary confinement was lifted after 11 years and he can only now participate in education and other activities. In Germany prisoners may be considered for release after having served 2/3 rds of their sentence. This date passed in November 2007. Currently the courts are investigating whether they will grant Thomas parole so we ask you to write to the courts in support of his release.
A sample letter is below. Write to Thomas and support him any way you can! Organise actions for Thomas! He needs your solidarity now!
Thomas Meyer-Falk, c/o JVA Bruchsal, Schoenbornstr. 32, 76646 Bruchsal, Germany

All letters in support of Thomas being granted parole are to be mailed to:

Vorsitzender Richter Kleinheinz, c/o Landgericht, Hans-Thomas-Str. 7, D-76133 Karlsruhe, Germany.

Or fax: 0049-7219262344 Aktenzeichen 15: STVK 260/07 BR

Sample Letter:

Seht geehrter Richter Kleinheinz,

Hiermit unterstuetze ich den Antrag von Herrn Thomas Meyer-Falk nach der gesetzlich vorgesehenen Verbuessung von 2/3 seiner Strafe freigelassen zu werden. Freiheit fuer Thomas!



In English:

Dear Judge Kleinheinz,

I would like to declare my support for Mr Thomas Meyer-Falk’s appeal according to the provision in the law to be released after spending 2/3 of his sentence. Freedom for Thomas!



Pauline Campbell 1948-2008

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It is with great sadness that we report the death of Pauline Campbell whose body was found at the grave of her daughter Sarah this week. Pauline was an inspiration to all who knew her, both activists and journalists alike. She fought for years for the rights of those whom the government and society would try to forget.
She was never afraid to put herself in the firing line and to this effect she was arrested 15 times though the state never succeeded in prosecuting her. To see her courageous action and eloquent speeches it was easy to forget that she fought a daily battle with her grief at losing her only daughter. Something she never really recovered from. She leaves behind a proud legacy of tireless campaigning and direct action.

4WardEver Comment:
” We are deeply saddened by the death of Pauline, and had great admiration for her stance on prison authorities – she will be sadly missed. Pauline has been a tireless campaigner against deaths of women in custody since the tragic death of her daughter Sarah in 2003.
She was awarded the Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize in October 2005. The prize is awarded each year to a woman or group who has, through their actions, writing or campaigning; raised awareness of violence against women and children. “

Audio of Pauline Cambell leading demonstration outside Holloway women’s prison on 16th of Jan 2008:

Rest in peace Pauline.

You will be remembered with great pride and affection by all of us who had the honour of knowing or meeting you!


Eric McDavid sentenced to 19 years + 7 months..

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Eric was sentenced today to 19 years and seven months imprisonment. Words cannot explain the grief and shock we are all feeling. We ask that you keep him close to your hearts. Letters of support are needed now more than ever.

Eric is guilty of simply thinking about committing a ‘crime’. Nothing ever happened and no damage was EVER done. He is guilty quite simply of possessing a conscience. visit
Below is a letter posted on his website.

Dear friends,
Yesterday was a difficult day. We all knew what Eric was facing, and we understood the vehemence with which the government was pursuing this case. But nothing could ever fully prepare us for the kind of heinous sentence that Eric received. It is clear from the reports in the media and the statements made by the US Attorneys that Eric was entrapped and used as an example to anyone who dares to dream of how things could be different in this world.
After passing through the metal detectors downstairs, everyone attending Eric’s sentencing was required, by order of Judge England, to pass through a line of Marshall’s outside the courtroom and undergo the metal detector wand, as well as a complete search of any bags. This ridiculous spectacle was clearly an attempt to harass Eric’s friends and loved ones who came to show their support.
The courtroom was nearly full of Eric’s family and friends. There were not enough seats behind the defense table to accommodate everyone, forcing others to spill over into the prosecutor’s side of the court. Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday.
It was clear from the first few sentences spoken by the judge that his mind was already made up. The same lies that were used at trial to convict Eric were repeated over and over again throughout the sentencing hearing. The government even had the audacity to claim that Eric had never had a re-ocurrance of pericarditis – despite the fact that his lawyer filed a memo with the court in November detailing Eric’s worsening condition. Despite the fact that the jail received so many phone calls from Eric’s supporters during that time that they posted a note on their website specifically asking people to stop calling. They had the audacity to claim that Eric was at no risk of harsh treatment in prison – despite the fact that he has ALREADY undergone 2 1/2 years of isolation at the Sacramento County Main Jail.
Despite the fact that probation recommended a sentence of 156 months (13 years), Judge England deferred (as usual) to the government’s recommendation of 235 months (19 years and 7 months). The length of Eric’s sentence was due largely to the application of the Terrorism Enhancement. The government has argued quite vociferously all along for this enhancement. The basis of their argument is that Eric’s targets included government facilities (such as the IFG) – a point which was never proven during trial, and was, in fact, denied by the government’s own witnesses. But the judge applied the enhancement anyway. The judge ordered 3 years of supervised release after Eric’s sentenced is served, the collection of a DNA sample and registration as an “arson offender”.
Now is the time to be outraged and make noise. The government just sentenced Eric to 20 years for a crime that was never committed. This is the longest sentence we have heard of in an American environmental case. Eric’s case and sentence have illustrates the lengths the government goes to , and how much they can get away with, in their pursuit of those who voice their dissent – who maintain their integrity and stay true to their principles and all that makes them human. Please help spread the word about Eric, his case, and it’s implications for everyone who cares about effecting real change.
Eric says he can feel all the love being sent his way. Please keep it up. Take a moment to send Eric a note of support during this difficult time. His address is:
McDavid, Eric x-2972521 7E128Sacramento County Main Jail651 “I” StreetSacramento, CA 95814
Eric could be moved any time in the next month or two to a federal facility, but please don’t let that deter you from writing! We will let everyone know as soon as we get word that he is being moved. Until then, keep the letters coming.
Eric will now be appealing his conviction. Unfortunately, this can be a very long process. Please don’t forget about Eric during this time. He will continue needing your support throughout his time in prison. When he reaches a federal facility we will send out a statement about his support needs at that time.
Thanks again to all of you. The amount of love and support you have given has been truly amazing. We are so thankful to have all of you helping us through these difficult times.

For background visit

Letter from Gabriel Pompo da Silva, Anarchist Prisoner

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This text was written by Gabriel Pombo da Silva and read on the tour that his mother, Pastora did in April in some European countries. It was translated from German by ABC Berlin. Gabriel is in prison for his attempt to escape a police control near Aachen, after having escaped from Prison in Spain where he had suffered torture and isolation in the notorious FIES units.

The dream of so many politicians is to conceive cities as prisons: a camera on every corner, a strong reflector which does not leave anything in the darkness, a cop or a screw, who control each individual, and the fact that every protest or simple doubt about the system has to be reduced to a question of individual unsatisfaction, seeking then the useless judicial way, which guarantee us a line of “Rights”, called by them Basic or Human Rights.

This dream is not just a mix of George Orwells “1984”, or Aldous Huxleys “Brave new world”, where the fears, real or constructed as they might be, the technologies, the drugs and the biotechnologies are making people subjects and objects of a totalitarian system. This dream is the reality nowadays, at both sides of the walls or the borders. When we say: “Todos somos presos”, we are all prisoners, then we mean concretely: our being as objects, because of a system which wants us to forget our being as historical subjects, with our remembrances, consciousness and the strive for freedom and struggle, not as last through its brainwashing by the medias.

The “talk-show”- intellectuals and the “experts of politic” declared the working class to be dead, that there would not be proletariat or prejudice any longer, as much as there would not be any revolutionary potential, which would justify the theories about revolutions and class-struggles. The only thing which would remain to us would be to accept the exploitation by this system, which calls itself “democratic” and if there would be protests, then only by peaceful, passive means, in order to not disturb the system too much. With the same breath they call imperialist wars “humanitarian operations” and tortures “methods of interrogation”, and such a list of euphemisms could be without an end.

The worst is not what the intellectual representatives of neo-liberalism and capital or the ones who work for the good of government and state – institutions declare, because they merely do their work, the one, for which from what they live.

The worst is to see and to listen how many normal people, who actually should be able to recognize such things better, are repeating like parrots the lies and the stupidities of those ruin’ s preparers, without reflecting a moment by themselves

The class-struggles are not an abstraction of the past, which should merely serve either a one-sided political analysis, nor the legitimation of whichever so-called “Workers Party”.

We all, no matter if workers or not, us without power in our hands, a power which we are not even looking forward to have, are the ones who are building the class of the proletariat, conscious and not.

And within a society where it is clearly distinguished between the interests of the ones who stay below and the ones who stay above, it is decisive with which kind of consciousness the ones who are below either decide to oppose this system of inequality, or to accept it.

For me such a little political introduction is important, in order to tell you here an today, that our political work and intentions must not reduce themselves to the question of “Human-rights”.

To be against prison and imprisonment on a broader level, as much as against isolation and torture on a smaller one, means to begin the “struggle for everything”, within this system, where we all, on a different level, are prisoners in.

In the moment where some of us are getting together in order to fight against prisons and its belonging culture, this should not be happening because we want “more human prisons”, no prison can ever be human, as much as slavery or tyranny can be.

The analysis of this part of the system let us better understand the society we are living in.

This because prisons are a small mirror of all dominant values and “tools”, which are being used in order to break the resistance and will to live of the ones who dare to rebel, no matter if political or social prisoners.

This system of destruction and torture, like FIES in Spain, 41bis in Italy, isolation and preventive arrest (sichereitgewahrsam) in Germany, QHS in France or the F-type prisons in Turkey, to make this public and to protest can take off the mask out of the so-called “Human-rights” lies within the apparently “democratic” lands.

And we, humans with or without class-consciousness, we, the ones who are generally cut out, will never be sure to not find us one day within one of these cells.

This a Damocles sword, which is hanging permanently on our heads. And yes, we have to organise, because we have common interests beyond every possible wall, border or ideologies which separate us.

An example for what I am writing about could be seen in this talk today: Pastora, a worker and social fighter, together with a basque antiprison activist, a basque squatter, a german autonomen and me, a galician anarchist prisoner in Germany, Together, beyond all differences that we can have among us, we build a moment of struggle, linked by our similarities and organised through few questions which we generally and universally repute of interest.

Right now are strongly arising new “Tarrios”, “Pombos”, “Ortizes”, “Zamoros”, along with new FIES-systems.
And we know that we come from the hearts of the disparity of possibilities and the injustice of this system. We are used to this, as much as nowadays screws and torturers are nothing unusual, but rather “normal” people that do this what they do for money, and not because they are followers of any fascist ideology.

A thing which is twice as sad.
Surely the social mentality is also a result of the history of a collectivity, but not merely; only, the rebellion against the injustice is universal and it has nothing to do with culture, colour of the skin or origin, but much more with free individuals, humans, who refuse to be controlled and to become strangers in the name of “universal truth”, which on the end does not exist.

The life-history of Xose’, Paco Ortiz, Patxi Zamoro and thousand others, who are resisting today everywhere around the world, show us something which we ought not to forget: rebellion is possible everywhere, at any time. The bounds of friendship and love are stronger than all chains and punishments that they pull down on us.

Dignity, rebellion, friendship, love, solidarity, freedom, organisation, these are few of the ideas and values that we defend, for which we fight for. Yesterday, today and forever!

A salute in struggle from the destructive jail of Aachen, Germany.

I thank you all for your attention!

Gabriel —

Gabriel Pombo Da Silva
JVA Aachen
Krefelderstrasse 251
52070 Aachen

Antifa Trouble in Poland

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On Saturday neo-nazis held a demo in Wroclaw, South-Western Poland. A couter-demo of antifa appeared. The nazi demo was quickly delegalized and all nazis were arrested for illegal gathering or just moved with police cars out of the city centre.
Some antifas beaten up some nazis, some heavily. Some 10 antifascists were arrested, some of them were released the same day with no charges, 6 of them are charged and they were released today (after 48 hours) on bail that they have to pay within 7 days. The bail for each of them is really high and they also have to pay for lawyers. Here’s the bank account number:
Jakub Gawlikowski
PL05 1140 2004 0000 3702 4238 2269
BRE Bank S.A. Retail Banking, al. Mickiewicza 10, 90-050 Łódź
SORT CODE: 11402004
Write: NOPasaran

Mumia Abu-Jamal demonstration in London

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Demonstrate for Mumia Abu-Jamal
Help save the life of an innocent man on Death Row in the US. Saturday 19 April 1pm, US Embassy, Grosvenor Square, London W1A (Nearest Tube: Bond Street). For more info on Mumia see:

Local FIT Watch Activist Arrested and Beaten

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On the 4th March a Cardiff woman was arrested during a protest against an anti-abortion rally held by Anne Widdecombe. The woman, Val, claims that the arrest was a vindictive response to her involvement in a campaign against the data profiling of political activists by the police. The Cardiff protest was peaceful and without incident, and witnesses back up the woman’s claims that she was engaged only in taking photographs of the event, and that she did nothing to have provoked the arrest.

The reason for arrest, even from the police perspective appears remarkably trivial. The arresting officer claimed that Val used an elbow to obstruct him as he was moving through the crowd in order to deal with a group of people who were allegedly smoking cannabis. Val considers this ridiculous. “My only recollection is that a police officer pushed past, turned around and then arrested me for obstruction. His story is that I used my elbow to deliberately obstruct his progress. How on earth could I do that? I was talking to friends and had my back to him, I didn’t even see him until he pushed past. And surely it would take more than someone’s elbow in the way to stop a police officer moving to deal with what he saw as a criminal offence. The whole story is absurd.”

Later on, according to one witness, the arresting officer was overheard speaking to another officer on the scene, allegedly stating that ‘it was something and nothing’ but that he ‘just wanted her out of the way’.

Having been arrested and taken to Fairwater police station, Val claims that she was subjected to a forced strip search. According to Val’s statement, the police forced her onto the floor and used restraints and ‘pain compliance’ techniques to remove her clothes, including her underwear. During this time, and while she remained restrained on the floor completely naked from the waist down, one of the police officers shouted repeatedly that she was a ‘fucking bitch’, that this was ‘making her day’ and that it would ‘teach’ her a lesson.

Normal procedure for prisoners arriving at a police station is that they are taken to the custody suite for booking in. Instead of this, Val was bundled straight into a cell and told that as a result of a history of self harm and mental illness she was going to be stripped of all clothing. At this point she had not even given her name. “I told them that they had made a mistake, that I had no history of self harm or any other mental health problem”, Val said, “But it made no difference – they weren’t interested.” Conveniently for the police, the cell had no CCTV.

Val links her arrest and treatment in detention to her involvement in ‘Fitwatch’. Fitwatch is a website and loose group of people who monitor the activities of Forward Intelligence Teams (FIT). FIT are police officers who compile data profiles, using photographic and other data, of individuals involved in protest and political activity. FIT teams have also often been accused of harassing and intimidating organisers of protest events.

There have been two court cases recently in which the police have failed to gain convictions against Fitwatch activists for physically blocking the view of their cameras. The police have failed to prove the lawfulness of their data gathering activities and it may be that the FIT have been effectively stopped from using force to take photographs without consent, something they very often did in the past. In London Fitwatch is organising activists to take action to protect themselves from the intrusiveness of overt police surveillance. CO11, the public order unit of the Metropolitan Police and home of the FITs, is less than amused.
“I’m well known by some of the officers in CO11 and the London FIT teams, because of my involvement in the campaign against them”, said Val. “Twice we have had victories in court. They know we have the law behind us, and it is limiting the sort of abuses of power that CO11 got away with in the past. I’m not popular.

“I do not want to get overly conspiratorial or paranoid about this, but clearly there are a number of questions here. How did the police on the scene that night know who I was, and why did they feel that they should want me ‘out of the way’? What information or ‘profiling’ was this based on? And how many other people have suffered because of inaccurate or vindictive information passed between police forces?”

Val appears in Cardiff Magistrates Court at 9am on 28th March, where she will enter a plea of not guilty to the charges laid against her. Supporters are welcome. Anyone who thinks they may be a witness can reach Val by e-mailing Fitwatch at Further information about Fitwatch can be found at