Support Thomas Meyer Falk

Parole for Thomas Meyer-Falk

Thomas has been imprisoned since 1996 on a sentence of 15 years 9 months for trying to raise money for both legal and illegal left wing projects by robbing a bank. Because of his strong beliefs, he’s been subject to very harsh repression. In May 2007 his solitary confinement was lifted after 11 years and he can only now participate in education and other activities. In Germany prisoners may be considered for release after having served 2/3 rds of their sentence. This date passed in November 2007. Currently the courts are investigating whether they will grant Thomas parole so we ask you to write to the courts in support of his release.
A sample letter is below. Write to Thomas and support him any way you can! Organise actions for Thomas! He needs your solidarity now!
Thomas Meyer-Falk, c/o JVA Bruchsal, Schoenbornstr. 32, 76646 Bruchsal, Germany

All letters in support of Thomas being granted parole are to be mailed to:

Vorsitzender Richter Kleinheinz, c/o Landgericht, Hans-Thomas-Str. 7, D-76133 Karlsruhe, Germany.

Or fax: 0049-7219262344 Aktenzeichen 15: STVK 260/07 BR

Sample Letter:

Seht geehrter Richter Kleinheinz,

Hiermit unterstuetze ich den Antrag von Herrn Thomas Meyer-Falk nach der gesetzlich vorgesehenen Verbuessung von 2/3 seiner Strafe freigelassen zu werden. Freiheit fuer Thomas!



In English:

Dear Judge Kleinheinz,

I would like to declare my support for Mr Thomas Meyer-Falk’s appeal according to the provision in the law to be released after spending 2/3 of his sentence. Freedom for Thomas!



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