Anarchist Black Cross Network

The Anarchist Black Cross is an international movement that aims to support the struggles of prisoners, and of anarchist and class war prisoners in particular. The movement offers solidarity to prisoners to prevent them becoming isolated and to assure activists that if they are persecuted for their activities, they will not be abandoned.

The Anarchist Black Cross network also campaigns against the prison system and believes that prisons have no useful function, but only serve to preserve the status of the people who rule over us. The movement believes that both the prison system and the society that creates a need for prisons should be abolished.

We believe that there are alternative and more effective ways of dealing with so-called anti-social crime. More importantly, anti-social crime is a product of an unfair society which makes a few people extremely wealthy at the expense of poorer people. People who can’t pay fines, who steal so they can eat or who resist the control and abuse of Government in our lives, face the police, courts and prison. The threat of prison is used to try and make us behave ourselves so we put up with poverty, injustice and being treated badly by those in power. ABC exists to resist this system and defend those who are persecuted by it.

In South Wales, we have started regularly sending cards to prisoners to show them that while they are in there for us, we are out here for them! Offering solidarity to prisoners can take different forms depending on the prisoner’s situation, but useful stuff can include financial help, writing letters, making visits and sending reading material. It may also include organising demonstrations or public solidarity campaigns for prisoners that you support.

If you know any prisoners who would like to receive support or would like to get involved in supporting prisoners, e-mail Cardiff Anarchist Network;


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